Thank you all...

This Feb, its going to be 5 yrs since I started this wonderful Journey! This blog and all the networking sites associated with it has given me so much (though I must confess I have been unfaithful many times) I guess its only fair I fulfill all the promises I made you and share with you all I have, before the day.

Even though the blog name says "Me, Myself and My Journey" it was never 'Mine' alone. Each trip posted here (and the ones still pending) was possible only because of the support I got from my Dear & Near ones.

Hours of planning, long calls, hour long discussions, leave letters, ticketing, hotel bookings, (without advance booking), the wait to reach you all, the meeting points, the start, the journey, happiness, laughter, farewell, promise of a next journey, leaving back to own homes, and then the wait - you made it all possible all these years.

We had planned so many trips, we missed a few special ones, we went together without any plans, we covered many…

Nagala Re-visit

"Whom did you like the most in this group?"
Biju asked..

"Come on yaar... don't be shy... which girl or lady did you like in this group?"
We were having an intro-session at the 2nd pool in Nagala on a Sunday afternoon. Biju was the organizer who took the challenge of taking 82 members, most of them first-timers to CTC's most favourite trekking spot, the Nagala western entry. We had started from Koyambedu at 5:30 AM and after a short stop at Poondi reservoir, we reached Nagala at 8:30.
Photo courtesy Karthik R
After a quick breakfast of Sweet Bun, bananas and frooty, we started the trek at 9:00 AM.
I got my first shock ten minutes later when my Nikon D80declared 'she' was not working on that Sunday! Good bye to all the plans of practising 'people portraits' and the blog post!:-( I was left with just the Fuji finepix XP 10. However 'she' was only 'cool' underwater. Above the water level, she was just average!

Any ways, I decided to e…

Sharavathi Backwaters - A Toast to Peter and CTC's 3rd Birthday!

The flight had taken off at the right time and now we were flying steadily above the cotton clouds. When I looked through the window, I could see tiny houses and the trees far below. Huge mountains appeared as small hills...
I was lost in thoughts about my loved ones when I heard a sweet voice announcing refreshments! I looked down the aisle and saw a beautiful air hostess coming towards me pushing the food cart. She had the most charming smile I had ever seen, and at that moment, I knew I was in love! She said something which I didn't hear at first. "Hmm.. her voice is so soft, it is barely audible. Sorry mom.. you are going to have a hard time hearing your daughter-in-law after our marriage!!!" I tried hard. Still I couldn't hear a thing. She came very close and shook my shoulders. At first, I didn't feel a thing. Again she shook my shoulder, This time I felt it... and also heard it clearly

"Swalpa jaga beedi" (please give some way)

Suddenly I was awake!